Biology Karma

When I was in school (and this was quite some time ago), I hated Biology. Yeah, “hate” does not even come close to how I felt about it. Of course, as my high school classmates would probably agree, it didn’t help that we had a lousy teacher…although I couldn’t entirely blame it on that teacher because more than 60% of my graduating batch went on to pursue medical courses and professions. Besides, I took Biology as a science elective in college, hoping it would redeem itself, but ended up cementing my hate towards it.

So, my guess is…this is Biology’s karma. Because of Ri’s condition, I am now exposed to, studying, researching, and learning more Biology than I ever would have allowed myself. Even my sons are now getting their lessons in microbiology, hematology, and oncology.

But hey, Biology or otherwise, LIFE is the best teacher. Right?


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