One of the Best Compliments ever Received

Today is Day 12 since chemotherapy and just a while earlier, we had an appointment with our pediatric hema-oncologist, Dr. Lesaca-Medina. After she checked Ri physically, she asked on how we’re doing at home and the two of them basically had a good doctor-patient discussion about her treatment.

It was after the medical conversation when Dr. Lesaca-Medina commented on how Ri is such a rare breed of cancer patient.  Gracefully accepting her diagnosis while maintaining a bright and positive attitude, Ri was never heard complaining about being pricked and poked all the time.  Not even after the Bone Marrow Biopsy did she express her pain. Instead, she just smiles her usual smile and comes up with her witty remarks.  Our doctor went on to say she wishes her daughter grows up to be just like Ri.

Well, doctor or not, according to Ri (and I fully agree), that was probably one of the best compliments we have ever received.  WOW. Thank you, doc.


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