Thank God for small victories!

The thing about the days following chemo is that you never know which ones are good and not-so-good. Today, however, is one of those very good days.

Ri had a scheduled 2D echo and Complete Blood Count (CBC) earlier. And although the doctor said there’s still some effusion, she assured us it’s nothing to worry about and that the heart is working well.

Later in the day, the CBC result revealed all values, except for the White blood count, were within the normal range. No more anemia for Ri…yay! Her pediatric hema-oncologist, Dr. Ysabel Lesaca-Medina assured us that the WBC value was due to the G-CSF and that it should return to normal soon.

To top it all off, the girl didn’t feel any dizziness or shortness of breath today. Consequently, she was able to enjoy the day watching a movie on the computer with her friend.

Hoping that the next few days would bring small victories like today. 🙂


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