Conquering Mountains

I guess a cycle of chemotherapy is a lot like climbing a mountain, except, of course, you never planned on doing it in the first place.

Like an uphill climb, the first few chemo days are the hardest with extreme weakness, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. It’s terrible and yet, you push yourself to keep going because you want to conquer the mountain and you know it gets easier afterwards.

My little Hodgegirl (ok, young maybe but not so little) has just conquered her first mountain and this week has been the easy downhill trek. Consequently, she has been able to catch up on school reading, tend to her small business (an online store), do some crafts, paint her nails, and play some music.

It’s been great for her to be as close to her old self as possible and yet she is aware that her next chemotherapy is coming up next week. How does one commit to altitude sickness again so soon after going down the mountain? How can one volunteer for more hardship and pain? Understandably, she can only face next week with dread and reservations.

In the meantime, I remind her that these are the small mountains within the huge mountain which is her cancer. Still a long climb ahead with a few rest stops in between.

As an incentive, our good friend will send her some of her fave American goodies right after her chemo. And somehow, she finds that something to look forward to.
LB.jpg nails.jpg


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