Starboard FTW!!!

(This post is especially dedicated to my bro Allen…)

After a lot of research, input-seeking, and contemplation, my Hodgegirl finally decided against a portacath with the following reasons:

1.  After the last procedure and going home with a pericardial drain attached, she didn’t relish the thought of another sedation, another procedure, and another attachement to her body.

2. After an unexplained infection while the drain was still attached, she worries that this port will also cause an infection.

3. She believes she can kick this cancer’s butt (her words) in 4 cycles.

And so, when my dear brother heard this, he has termed this action Starboard FTW (for the win). In case you didn’t know, in nautical terms, Port and Starboard are the left and right sides of a boat respectively. So, since Ri isn’t going for port, then it only means starboard.

Trust my brother to come up with something like that. So, here’s to Starboard FTW!

As for Hodgegirl, we are behind her every step of the way. I’ve got to hand it to her…having the guts to weigh and analyze her options to make a stand. You go, girl!


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