Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Ever since Hodgegirl’s diagnosis, lots of people have e-mailed/messaged about different kinds of cancer-fighting food. From guyabano, dragon fruit, pineapple, okra, calamansi (Philippine lime), to hemp oil, flax seeds, cabbage, berries, and carrots, friends have shown their concern by sharing all these information.

In a perfect world, Ri’s diet and that of the whole family would comprise of all those wonderfully powerful healthy food. In the real world, however, chemotherapy dampens the taste buds and kills what little appetite the patient has left.

And so today, Day 5 of chemo, when Ri suddenly asks about McDonald’s french fries (first request of the cycle), I sent my driver out to buy 2 very large ones. They may be fried and generally considered unhealthy but to my Hodgegirl undergoing chemo, any food intake is good food intake. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.



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