Music Therapy

Cancer or not, my Hodgegirl loves music and I’m so glad that during her “good” days, she still chooses to sing, play the piano or guitar.

With motherly pride, I just wanted to share her cover of Stay With Me, originally uploaded on Soundcloud.  This is her Music Therapy…dedicated to Dr. Carolyn Butler, Dr. Ysabel Lesaca-Medina, Dr. Karl Reyes, Chelsea, and every child with cancer.


4 thoughts on “Music Therapy

  1. Mae Corvera says:

    This is such an excellent blog Lilac and you’re one awesome mom, who is inspiring many other mom’s (including me) to be the best they can be. Our prayers continue to follow Ri, you and the rest of the family…and yes, keep the music and comfort food coming, they’re the best of adjuvants,FTW!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Mae. If this blog helps me cope while helping others along the way, then it would’ve more than done its job. 🙂 Thanks for including us in your prayers. We are working on the music and the food. FTW!

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