3 Reasons Why I Didn’t Tell You About My Child’s Cancer

Cancer news travels fast. As a matter of fact, bad news travels way faster than good news. It’s been a little over a month since diagnosis and by now, a lot of people know about Hodgegirl.

If you are one of our relatives or friends who found out belatedly through this blog or someone else, then you’re probably wondering (begrudgingly for some) why you didn’t hear it from me. Trust me, that wasn’t the intention at all but here are three reasons why:

1.  It was a roller coaster of emotions.

The time leading to and after surgery, biopsy, and diagnosis was a long hospital stay filled with all kinds of emotion. Unless, by chance, you heard it from someone else early on, we were too immersed in the situation to be telling people. As a work-around, we’ve informed key people in our different circles so they can pass on the news to our other friends.

2.  We’re busy.

As hard as it is to imagine, despite giving up all my involvements to focus on Ri, we are actually quite busy. Aside from the scheduled chemo sessions to the daily monitoring, giving of meds and injections, we have regular hospital visits for blood tests, scans, and echoes. Not to mention I am still mother to my sons, wife to my husband, and in-charge of running the household.

3.  We can’t keep track of who knows.

Yeah, honestly. After recounting the story over and over again (to doctors, medical staff, family, friends, even peripheral people), we have lost track of who’s been informed or not. So, if sometimes we seem to think you know when you actually don’t, then we probably assume you’ve been told.

So, there…simple enough, right? While we didn’t intend to exclude you, there is no need to feel bad for not paying attention to Facebook posts and finding out sooner. We are happy to receive calls, texts, emails, messenger messages, etc. If we don’t reply, we are probably preoccupied and would get around to it eventually. 🙂


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