On UPCAT, Perfect Timing, and Passing the Test


More than a month prior to Ri’s diagnosis, she was ready and rearing to apply for college. The first of these applications was to University of the Philippines (which holds one of the earliest entrance exams). With campuses across the archipelago and with a reputation to boot, a huge number of students aspire to go to UP. This year, about 83,000 young men and women have taken (today) or are about to take the UPCAT (UP College Admission Test).

During the application process, UP Admission, during that time, seemingly gave Ri a hard time with her papers due to the fact that she had records from three different schools. As a consequence, I had to meet and have consultations with someone from the higher ups to resolve our issue.

Little did I know that two months later, I would need to ask this same person to let Ri take the test on the first floor (so she doesn’t get short of breath or dizzy from climbing up). Fortunately, she made arrangements for us to have special accommodations today. So, we very much appreciated being able to park right in front of the venue, having Ri skip the line to enter, and being able to sit right outside the room in case she needed us. Special thanks to the proctors at the School of Economics for their helpful and kind understanding.

So, what seemed to have been a “hard time” turned out to be a blessing. As a very wise friend reminded me yesterday, God is in charge. Sometimes, He will write straight with crooked lines.

Finally, after five grueling hours, the UPCAT examinees were done at 5:30pm. Throughout the test, my husband and I checked on Ri about three times and she looked comfortable but focused. Despite the intensity of the test and a low blood count yesterday, she came out feeling good…no dizziness, tiredness, or shortness of breath.

We won’t know until January 2015 if Ri passed the UPCAT. And yet, we are immensely proud of her for passing a more important test…that of determination, perseverance, and faith. Great job, my Hodgegirl!


One thought on “On UPCAT, Perfect Timing, and Passing the Test

  1. Roxy C says:

    Congratz to Ri for pushing through and hoping you’ll receive good news.
    Haha oh my 3different schools, is it that uncommon?

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