Tired FROM vs Tired OF: The Irony

This may very well be a lesson in (English) grammar.

Tired – feeling a need to rest or sleep
Tired from – to be physically tired by something
Tired of – fed up; having a strong distaste of something

Tired From Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Anemia
As one of cancer’s probable symptoms, that feeling of tiredness can start even before treatment. Then comes chemotherapy drugs that could just wear you out. Days after chemo, the blood count could drop (anemia), causing more tiredness.

Except for Days 1-3 of chemo, when all Hodgegirl does is sleep and watch TV while confined in the hospital, she hardly ever feels tired. In fact, everyone agrees that she doesn’t look sick at all and still looks like her old self (thanks to a beautiful wig she picked out).

Tired of Anemia/Blood Tests, Staying Home and Mom Saying No
It’s ironic because my Hodgegirl is able to defy the physical tiredness and yet, she is getting tired of a few things associated with this cancer.

For three consecutive blood tests now, her Hemoglobin level has been low although she’s been feeling so “normal.” Because of this anemia, she’s had to stay home most of the time except for hospital trips. Aside from that, despite a nomination and some pleading, I didn’t allow her to do the ALS Icebucket Challenge. As a compromise, her brother and a friend both agreed to do it on her behalf, then I allowed her to go with them to the Country Club, and pledged to make the $100 donation to ALS for her “non-compliance.”

Cancer Messing with the Wrong Girl
As a good friend wrote on a note to Ri, clearly, cancer is messing with the wrong girl. In my heart, I have known this all along but as her mom, I was worried and hesitant to let her do things. This last week, starting with the UPCAT exam, however, I’ve learned to let go a bit. I’ve allowed her to spend some time with friends and to carry on with a project she’s planning for Streetlight Orphanage in Tacloban.

As important chemotherapy is to her treatment, being a teenage girl needing to spend time with friends and being able to make a difference are probably as important to her and, ultimately, for her healing.


2 thoughts on “Tired FROM vs Tired OF: The Irony

  1. Roxy C says:

    Very proud that your kids are aware of the true purpose of ALS bucket challenge.
    Maybe we should start a viral trend for Hodgkins Lymphoma awareness? Any ideas? ^^

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