My New Buddy and Our Health Quest

The Idea
The last few weeks, we have been juicing. While some people swear by it that it helps with cancer and other illnesses, no harm getting all those nutrients from fruits and vegetables, right? Although I started with my old trusty juicer (centrifugal), research and chats with friends have suggested I get a Slow Juicer (pictured below).

The Juicer
And I am loving this! Unlike my old Centrifugal one which was efficient in terms of speed or RPM, this juicer (also known as Masticating) is so efficient at extracting the juice. Supposedly, slow juicers retain more enzymes and nutrients due to its low RPM and therefore less oxidation. As a consequence, juices extracted from slow juicers can last longer (up to 48 hours) as opposed to centrifugal juicer’s 5-7 hours. My new juicer is now my buddy. I spend time with it everyday!

image The Juice
Through various trials and errors, here’s what I’ve learned: every juice needs a good fruit base for the taste. The left photo has kiwi and mango while the right photo has pineapple and cranberry. Watermelon and orange also work very well. I also put a carrot and a dark green vegetable in every juice. At the end of the day, you need to figure out what taste works best for your kids/family.

Although we’re quite far from perfecting this juicing craft, our family has been happy drinking it. Regardless of claimed cancer-killing or Hemoglobin-inducing properties, i think one can hardly go wrong with a fresh fruit and veggie juice to jumpstart the day.


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