5 Compliments-Gone-Bad

Everyone goes through a rough patch in life. Whether caused by a loved one’s death, an illness (either that of the person or a loved one), career-related, relationship-related, etc., you’d think EVERYONE would be able to empathize and be sensitive about their comments, right? NOT!!!

While cancer is difficult to deal with, life does go on and I do have to do groceries, visit shops at the mall, go to my kids’ school, and occasionally, even be at cafes and restaurants. The majority of people I encounter do have their wits about them but there’s a good sprinkling of those who don’t.

I guess some people feel the need to compliment me, knowing that my family is going through something. Here are my top 5 compliments-gone-bad followed by my replies and thoughts (think Garfield and his thought bubbles).

5. It’s good to see you smiling.

Me: Uhm…thanks?
Thought bubble: Would you have approached me if I walked around the mall crying?

4. We were shocked to hear about your daughter! Until recently, you seemed to live a perfect life.

Me: Oh, thanks. I think the perfect life is only reserved for you.
Thought bubble: Anyone above 30 who believes there’s such a thing as a perfect life is delusional.

3. It must be tough to hide behind that smile.

Me: Oh, it’s nothing. I’m aspiring to become a Hollywood actress…it’s great practice!
Thought bubble: What makes you think I’d devote time and energy to act in front of people? Argh!

2. I’m glad to see you still look normal.

Me: Oh, it’s my child with the cancer…not me.
Thought bubble: Seriously, what do people think I should look like?

And the best one, hands down:

1. Wow, pumayat ka…mukhang hiyang ka kahit mahirap. (Translation: Wow, you’ve lost weight…looks [like your situation is] very becoming even though you’re suffering.

Me: Thanks! You could do with a few less pounds yourself. I could share with you my weight loss secret but…
Thought bubble to self: Dispel all evil thoughts…now!

Note to readers:
1. If you find this funny, don’t worry. I think it’s funny!
2. If you said or thought of saying anything like this, don’t worry. It gave me a chance to exercise my sarcasm. lol
3. In case you’re wondering, we, including Hodgegirl, really are ok. If you encounter us somewhere, don’t feel the need to compliment or make us feel better. Sometimes, words end up sounding differently from the way they’re intended.

Thanks for reading!


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