A Real Treat and Trick


During her last chemotherapy, my Hodgegirl specifically asked her doctors if she could delay chemo#6 by a few days so she could go through our usual Halloween traditions like pumpkin-carving and trick-or-treating. So, instead of going into the hospital on the 29th of October, she enjoyed a full-week break instead.

The Treats
Monday – was for hanging out with friends from school who came by to chat, sing, bake, eat, and chat some more.
Tuesday – was the day to prepare and put together halloween costumes.
Wednesday – was a night to go dancing and have fun in a black-light party.
Thursday – was for watching movies on the internet
Friday – was for pumpkin carving, going trick-or-treating, and friends sleeping over.

It was a real treat indeed! Hopefully, they’re enough to mask the dread of what’s up ahead.

The Trick
Unfortunately for Hodegegirl, it’s not a trick OR treat option. Instead, as we have noticed over this cancer journey, tricks and treats go hand in hand.

To start off the tricks, she has an upcoming blood test on Sunday in order to start off another round of chemo on Monday.

And so the story goes…but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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