The Holidays, Music, and All I Want For Christmas

The Holidays It’s 35 days to Christmas, our favorite time of year! I don’t usually put up a tree this early but given what we’ve been through the last few months, everyone in our house, Hodgegirl included, has been eager to see festive decor. And so, with the Christmas lights, carols, and the nippy air (yes, for tropical standards), it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Music Tonight, despite being a weeknight, the kids and I found ourselves jamming to Christmas songs, completely in our element. But the best thing about Music is that, chemo or not, low blood count or not, it transforms my Hodgegirl into her old pre-cancer self. The weak hand that normally bothers her suddenly has enough strength to play the piano or strum the guitar while the weak chemo voice suddenly gets energized to reach high notes.

All I Want For Christmas I’ve been asked if my kids (and I) already have wishlists for Christmas. Sadly for the one asking, we’re not much help this year as there really is just one thing we want for Christmas, and it’s something money can’t buy.

In the meantime, we continue to hope and pray while enjoying and finding strength and solace in music.

Hope you enjoy this early Christmas treat, her cover of Mariah Carey’s song.


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