Getting Inked


After having completed six cycles of chemotherapy, my Hodgegirl is moving on to RT (Radiation Therapy). Today was her schedule to go for her Radiation Mapping/Simulation. At this session, with the use of a CT scan, the Radiation Oncology team were able to map her body so that they could target the radiation at just the tumor and cancer cells, minimizing exposure to normal, healthy cells.

We’ve spoken to our radiation oncologist before and there has been a mention of marking the points for aiming the beams. What I didn’t expect was the use of permanent tattoos to mark those points!

I know the idea of an inked teenager is not exactly foreign but Hodgegirl’s main concern after being told she’d be inked was the tattoo’s possible limitation from donating blood in the future. They are, after all, technically, still tattoos.

Of course, if she really had to get inked, she would’ve preferred something interesting like “namaste” or a picture. It would have been much nicer than three freckle-sized tattoos on her chest and sides.


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