What If We Tire of Lemonade?


When life throws you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.

Well, we’ve been making lemonade…lots of it! The year 2014 is nearing its end and this last half of the year has been full of lemonade-making. So, what happens when one tires of it?

Quite honestly, I’m tired of lemonade. You know what they also say: Too much of something is bad for you. So, what happens then? Do I get excused if I ask life to throw us apples, oranges, or mangoes for a change?

The Little Engine that Could We may be tired of it yet we continue to toil each day. My Hodgegirl has started Radiation Therapy and will need to be at the hospital every weekday for the next 25 days. Our only option is to keep chugging along. Just like the Little Engine that Could, we repeat to ourselves “I think we can, i think we can, i think we can!”

As typhoon Hagupit approaches the Philippines, the lemons also seem to be on full blast today. Nothing on schedule has happened…seriously, today is Schedule Shuffling Day!

The Cherry On Top But as I sit in the hospital waiting for the last-minute radiotherapy which caused us to miss yoga, and caused me to reschedule a meeting which might happen tomorrow provided Ri’s teacher can move their appointment after lunch, life decided to take pity on me. I was thrown a couple of cherries in the form of two friends messaging me, asking how everything is. So, yeah, a simple text from a friend does make a big difference…the cherry on top of the lemons.



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