This Season of Giving


It’s the holiday season and everywhere is crazy! From the horrible traffic to the crowded malls, groceries, and restaurants, everything seems hectic.

You’d think that we’d be exempted from this craziness, given that our days are busy enough with daily hospital trips for radiation, but no, my Hodgegirl has decided to be her usual busy perky self (and more) this season. Much to my dismay and exhaustion, she has been shopping everyday for the last two weeks…for Christmas gifts for family, friends, teachers, and even doctors and hospital staff.


She has also been tirelessly baking cookies (and packaging them in fancy boxes) to be given away. I don’t know where she gets all her energy from but one thing is for sure: thinking of, planning, buying, and baking for others has given her a new sense of meaning and accomplishment.

Cancer is harsh in so many ways but it’s one of those tough challenges that shows you exactly who will remain standing by you through the ordeal. And because of this, we appreciate those people even more, the reason why Hodgegirl is painstakingly preparing presents for them.

While shopping at this time may be crazy and tiring, like Hodgegirl, when we prepare gifts for the people we appreciate and to those less fortunate than us, it gives this season of giving its real meaning. After all, we were given so much more…Christ was born and gave Himself to us.

Have a Blessed and Joyful Christmas with your loved ones!


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