The Art of Doing Nothing

Ever since her graduation from radiotherapy, it’s basically been a waiting game since there is a prescribed waiting period between the last radiation session and the next scan. So, although we are relieved not to have to go to the hospital except for occasional blood tests, we are anxious to find out if all those treatments in the last few months have done what they’re supposed to do.

In the meantime, this hiatus is causing my Hodgegirl restlessness and boredom. Initially, she asked her doctor if she would be allowed to travel. Unfortunately, she was denied that. Instead, after a lot of cajoling, she managed to get approval to go back to school.

And today is the day she officially went back. So, imagine me listening to the sound of silence in my own home. And since I’ve practically given up all my involvements, I am attempting to learn the art of doing nothing.

Ok, maybe I couldn’t handle doing entirely nothing. So, I started reading a book then managed to organize all of Hodgegirl’s medical records (and cheekily named it “The Hodgkin Files”) since the start of this cancer journey. And for once, it was quite nice not having to think of heavy exhausting stuff and just focus on the art.


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