Trying to Get our Lives Back


The Zorb Ball at Camp

Although the teenage years are potentially the most fun and adventure-filled in one’s life, it’s also not the easiest. These days, teens worry about school, gossip, friends, the opposite sex, sports and other activities,  being cool, trying to belong while finding oneself, among many other things. Add cancer to the mix…and life gets crazy!

While we are technically on a break after Radiation Therapy, my Hodgegirl has been too busy trying to make up for lost time. So, since mid-January, she has gone back to school, been involved in a musical number for a show, gone to Girl Scout camp, and attended prom.

At camp last weekend, if not for a very hilarious moment involving her wig while riding the zorb ball, she would have gone on the zipline, climbing wall, and rappelling!

She admits to feeling tired (even at prom) but I guess, being a teenager, she doesn’t want to be missing out. And so, she’s been trying to live a hectic teenage life like the last few months never happened.

Meanwhile, I’m struggling to get my life back. I wanna resume what I used to be before this journey but I’m not quite sure if I already should. I’m thinking the scan she will have in the next week or so should set the tone as to how we move forward.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Get our Lives Back

  1. Joyce says:

    So happy to hear that Hodgegirl is back to her normal life. The zorb ball looks so much fun! Praying for our girls, always. 🙂

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