Putting Things In Perspective

Except for my annual physical, I don’t ever really go for a blood test. Today, however, I was asked by the dermatologist to go for one because it looks like I’m developing an allergy.


As I was sitting there getting vials of blood drawn, I was on the verge of complaining. Honestly, it hurt like crazy! While I don’t remember it being that painful, I really felt this one. BUT I continue to sit there and think about how just last year, my Hodgegirl was getting a blood test every week (at times bi-weekly) while undergoing chemotherapy. And I never heard a single word of complaint!

She is really something…that child. She shamed me at that moment I got pricked but, at the same time, filled me with pride at her strength and how she endured that ordeal.

I guess our cancer journey has put a lot of things in perspective. These days, when I encounter issues with the business, Girl Scouts, and my other involvements, I think about how they are but mere specks in the whole scheme of things. And every day is a new day…


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