Braving It This 4th of July

At 6pm last night on the Pediatric floor, our caucasian nurse, Kat, turns us over to Bella, a Filipina, for the night shift. At 6am, a couple of latina ladies come to the room to draw Ri’s blood. Shortly after, Bella turns us over to Giby who is Indian. Salina is our very sassy nurse assistant of African descent.

I describe them all according to their race to give a better picture but the fact is that they are all Americans. That’s the way MD Anderson is, the way Houston, Texas, and the whole USA is.

Today, as they celebrate their independence on this 4th of July, it sucks to find out we will still be stuck in the hospital. Ri is still in a lot of pain and her chest xray indicated that they still need to suction her lung. And so, the chest tube stays and she has to brave it some more. We hope for better news tomorrow.

In the meantime, how very apt to meet all these people of diverse cultures working together, co-existing well, a great reflection of this land of the free and home of the brave.


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