Fertility and Adolescence

Teenagers worry about a number of things such as friends, school, activities, etc. but I don’t think they ever think of or worry about fertility. The last thing they’d ever plan for now is kids because, after all, they are still kids themselves.

Well, not if you are about to go through salvage chemotherapy and stem cell transplant which could possibly kill your fertility.

And so, fresh from the hospital after surgery, we seek approval from the main oncologist to allow Ri to harvest and freeze her eggs. When we were given the go-signal, Ri then had to get daily injections (11 days) to stimulate her ovaries.


On the 13th day, the fertility doctor harvested 11 eggs (with 10 as the usual goal). We felt so victorious about it especially since the team didn’t want to be overly optimistic due to her previous chemo.

Another victory down, and on to the next challenge as we take one step at a time.


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