Happy Place

It’s Day 8 of Cycle#1. We went back for chemo today and just as last week, the Hodgegirl seemed like her normal self. As an added bonus, she even finished earlier than last time.

Instead of going home right after, however, she requested to stop by the hospital’s Observation Deck (24th floor). The place has a magnificent panoramic view of downtown Houston but more importantly, it has a piano, making it Ri’s absolute favorite place!

Today, she played for about an hour and during that time, it was like she didn’t get chemo at all. She was so happy, relaxed, and contented. And since seeing her that way brought me so much joy, too, I’d say that place is indeed our happy place.


2 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Natasha says:

    I’m so glad that she has music as her solace and joy. Inspires me to finally learn an instrument for the down days that we all invariably will have at some stage. Keep playing, Rianna. Big hugs from Manila.

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