Day Before Execution

The last day before the start of the next chemo cycle is what Hodgegirl and I jokingly call the Day Before Execution.

If you can imagine those people on death row being asked about any last wishes and them making that last day count before their death, then you can probably imagine how it is on that last day before we go back to the hospital for more chemo.

Don’t get me wrong. We are all for this chemo treatment. After all her previously failed chemo protocol, radiation therapy, alternative, homeopathic, and integrative therapies, this is the first one that shows real promise in terms of response. However, it also doesn’t change the fact that the vomiting, nausea, and tiredness following the administration of the drugs also feel like an execution.

Since today is one of those days, Ri decides to go have breakfast food (for dinner) at Denny’s. And for the first time in a long, long time, we order (and enjoy) dessert.

After our meal was a visit to a 24-hour Walgreens to go nail-polish shopping. And that is how she made today count. Till the next 21 days…


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