Passage of Time

Hodgegirl and I have been away from the other half of our family for more than four months now. But unlike prisoners who count down to the day of release, we avoid keeping track of time because we don’t really know when she will finish treatment.

Whether we like it or not, however, there are clues to the amount of time passed. One of them are these scissors:
Every week, her PICC line dressing needs a change and the dressing kits come with sterile scissors.

Averse to waste, I don’t have the heart to just throw them away. So, here are the ones I was able to save (not including the ones that the nurses at the hospital actually get to throw). That shows at least 10 weeks of dressing changes!

There are other things not too obvious such as prescription bottles, number of toothbrushes used, and going through Fourth of July, Halloween, and soon, Thanksgiving. But time has flown, even when things have not been fun.


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