Just A Car

Since arriving Texas, I’ve been renting a car to get us around. And while a sedan had been more than adequate for Hodgegirl and me, this last four weeks, I went for a bigger car (SUV) to fit us and the rest of our visiting family.


Today, however, I had to switch back to the small car since it’s just the two of us again. And while I’m not usually the type to get attached to cars, I was a bit sad to see it go. Somehow, when I was driving it even after the boys left, it felt like I just went out for a while and would see them when I returned from my errands.

Returning the big car meant we’re back to the way it was before the holidays. And so our story goes… toiling through every single day away from our loved ones.


One thought on “Just A Car

  1. While it may be just a car, it does hold many great memories for you. So for you, it isn’t just a car. Hoping that soon, you can all be together in a big car, whether a rented SUV or your own van back home. Sending love to you and Ri. ❤️

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