Teen Cancer Hacks

We went to MD Anderson today and after labs and a dressing change, we went straight to the Pediatric Floors to visit her friend Eli.

Like Hodgegirl, Eli is a teenage girl who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma about a couple of years ago and still undergoing treatment. They met at the pediatric clinic and the two girls go through each other’s ups and downs, occasionally seeing each other at the hospital when Eli is in Houston (she lives 4 hours away).

In the room, the girls shared their cancer hacks like comparing wigs and styles. They also talked about how to care for the wigs and Ri shared that soaking the wigs in Fabric Softener after washing keeps them soft.


Hodgegirl picked this scent.

This Balm from Trader Joe’s keeps chemo-dried scalp and skin moisturized.


Trader Joe's Balm

And for girls who don’t like protein shakes for nutritional supplement, they both agree on Ensure Clear. Like its shake counterpart, it’s loaded with nutrients but tastes just like juice and comes in different flavors.


It's Ensure in juice form.

The rest of the time, while the moms went for coffee, Ri did Eli’s nails and they had girly exchanges on filling in chemo-reduced eyebrows and how to get the pulse oximeter to work when they have nail polish on.

It was as close to a teenage hangout as they could get.


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