A Quick But Happy Trip


As hodgegirl continued to feel better, we finally got clearance from her doctor to go home for a quick trip!

So, a day after Chemo #12, we excitedly headed to George Bush Intercontinental Airport for our first long-haul in almost 10 months. I gotta admit, I was quite worried…about Ri and her low WBC and immunosuppression going into a crowded airport and sitting in the plane with recirculated 14-hour air; of the potentially harmful yet unknown effects of a pressurized cabin on a sick person; of traveling with a PICC line to a place not too familiar with it.

Too many worries and yet, I worried unnecessarily. Bag drop-off was a breeze and the check-in counter had a wheelchair waiting for us. Immigration was smooth too and security didn’t fuss about exempting Ri from x-ray. They even allowed me to carry more than 100ml of saline in a sterile kit with scissors in it.

The rest of the time in Manila was full of errands but best of all, it was full of times spent with family and friends. It was truly awesome for all of us.

To top it all off, her blood counts were even better than last week’s (before chemo). Despite the jetlag and the stresses of traveling, the short trip was well worth it.


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